Day 2 – 24 March

24 Mar

After a comfortable night spent free camping by the Elizabeth River at Campbelltown we slowly packed up and started meandering towards Devonport.

Just after we hit the road a text arrived from TTLine to say our departure had been delayed. Boarding would now commence at 8:15pm. Ok, gives us plenty of time to find KMart for a couple of shelf dividers. πŸ™‚

We thought arriving in Devonport on a Sunday would mean plenty of available parking. What we didn’t know about, was the car show and blocked streets and parking being in high demand. Oops. We now know that our setup needs three empty car spaces on the side of the road.

After completing our shopping we were faced with a four hour wait until check-in opened. This is when we discovered another advantage of caravanning over camping. Rather than sitting in the car listening to the radio, we hopped in the van, made a cup of tea, connected the TV and continued our Game of Thrones initiation started last night. Certainly makes the waiting time pass easier πŸ™‚

In hindsight we should have watched another episode of GoT, as when we got to check-in the staff were scrambling to find parking for everyone. I think they actually opened check-in early as there was not enough space and vans were queuing in the street.

Check-in went smoothly but a word of warning, check your measurements. If you are close to the marks they have on the pavement they get out and run a very long tape measure over you. We passed. πŸ™‚

Even though I’ve travelled on the SoT a number of times, it was more nerve wracking with the van. That loading ramp sure seemed higher, steeper and narrower than before. πŸ™‚

We loaded safely and tucked ourselves in for what was predicted to be a bumpy ride.

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