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29 Mar

Bucket List item tick.  Ever since studying french in high school it has been a dream to visit New Caledonia.  First port to stop at is Noumea.


This is also our first shore excursion we are heading to Amedee Island where I hope to tick another bucket list item – snorkelling.  I didn’t take my EM-10 to Amedee Island, I was too worried about it getting sandy or wet.  I should have taken it.  Between us we had to share the TG-3, and try our first attempts at underwater.  The Lighthouse was closed for renovations for our visit, guess we shall have to visit again.


Snorkelling we saw turtles.  We saw fish too, but we saw turtles 🙂P3290765

Tonights towel animal.  Each night as we return to our room it has been tidied, the bed turned down and a new towel sculpture left.


Second sea day

28 Mar

This morning we know we are heading to warmer places.  The sun was shining and the ocean was a bright vibrant blue.  The air was also much warmer.  Now we know we are on holiday


Tonight is formal dining night in the restaurant.  In preparation one of the chefs carved a gorgeous ice sculpture for us.  It was great to watch him work.  So quick and with only a couple of tools.P3280644

First Day at Sea

27 Mar

We woke early to a gently rocking ship, opened the curtains and all we can see is water 😃. As the sun came up so did the breeze and whitecaps appeared. Swell looks to be around half a metre. The ship is making headway at 18 knots.


Breakfast In Truffles Restaurant scrambled eggs and bacon, note to self – remember to ask for toast next time. HWS sample a smoke salmon bagel. Yum all around.

At the end of the day it looked like a storm was brewing, but nature was teasing, or we just sailed away from it.


Sail Away

26 Mar

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Up early and dropped off at the airport by DS on his way to work.   All proceeded as scheduled at the airport and we were greeted at baggage collection by a Carnival rep. The extra bonus of airport transfer is priority boarding. Note to self, priority boarding is worth it.  Customs were wonderful Robert and Glen were most helpful, especially with our GST rebate.   Through security screening and walk onboard – we made it 😃.

First stop, our cabin and check out the extended balcony, which means plenty of room and reclining deck chairs.    The best view is looking back but it is lovely and relaxing to sit out there and type this blog.


Next up to the Lido deck for lunch and a sail away special cocktail. Oh my, melt in your mouth butter chicken and a cocktail that let you know you were on board the fun ship 😃


Sail Away and we are up on top beside the mini golf. Amazing photo op as the ship pulls back into Sydney Harbour towards the bridge as the sun was setting.  We spent the next hour or so enjoying the view, running (ok walking quickly) to the rear of the ship, taking many photos and passing time with other keen photographers.


About 7pm we headed down to dinner to be confronted with quite a long queue. However this moved surprisingly quickly and we were soon seated and being treated to the talents of Jimmy our waiter for the evening.  Jimmy took great delight in our adventurous menu choices, especially serving HWS a bowl of Gaspoucho that was a large bowl with a small stack of seasonings. We looked at each other wondering what on earth he had ordered only to have Jimmy pop up admitting he had deliberately served minus the soup portion to watch our reaction. Yep, we were ‘got’.

The entire three course meal was Devine. Melt in your mouth food.  The evenings entertainment for us was the adults only comedy club, laughter helped by a blue cocktail.  The Firebird Lounge Decor took some getting used to.  Felt a bit like Bollywood meets a Brothel, but when the house lights dim you don’t see any of it.



25 Mar

Tomorrow is the big day.  Our first cruise.



24 Mar

Yes, I’ve been missing in action.  I have been taking photos, just not keeping up here.  Today these butterflies were just outside the back door.


Jars Anyone?

23 Mar

Cute little jars for pressies to be filled with home made jam etc.


Happy 21st

21 Mar

My Baby Bear has turned 21.


Clouds rolling in

18 Mar

The clouds were rather interesting tonight.


New Camera

16 Mar

In preparation for our cruise and our expectations of snorkelling we have invested in a new camera.  An Olympus TG-3, that is shockproof, waterproof, freeze proof – dummy proof?

The first photo is the sister ship taken from the office window, how convenient she is visiting today – except she is visiting because she has been detoured from Vanuatu because of cyclone Pam.


HWS is a volunteer firefighter, has been for a few years now, pity volunteers don’t qualify for long service leave :).  Looks like a controlled burn off was scheduled, so HWS was testing the ruggedness of the new camera from the back of the truck.