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Olympus Workshop

21 May

Tonight HWS and I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with two Olympus camera experts.  The topic was night photography.  Wow, did we have a great time.  We all learned about some of the settings available on our cameras to help with low light, long exposures and just plain old fun shots.

The location was Salamanca and surrounds.  Can you guess what the following photo is and where we were?


Here is another shot taken in St David’s Park.  This was so much fun and something I’m looking forward to trying again.  Amazing what can be done with a few kitchen items and a cigarette lighter 🙂


Driving with Mumsie

17 May

Mumsie and I headed north to a market at Evandale.  We stopped along the way for this shot.


Then I turned around and had a look behind us


Upon arrival in Evandale this old water tower caught my eye.


On the way home we stopped at Oatlands to see the old windmill working again.  I can remember as a child climbing to the top and looking out past the sails.  Alas, this is not to be anymore.  It is good to see that it has been restored back to being a working mill.  Bought a bag of flour.


At home there was a great sunset.  This is the view from my parents backyard, looking towards my house and the view of the sunsets I usually see from a  slightly different perspective.


Richness of a sunset

16 May

Sometimes you just have to sit and watch the sunset and wait to see what nature gives you.  Tonight was one of those nights.


Playing with macro

14 May

Another day to play with my macro lens.  Trying to work on focus and depth of field.  I like these two shots, it’s not always about being as close to the subject as possible.

P5140045 P5140051

May The Force be with you

4 May

As winter approaches the days get shorter and the sunrises get later.  This was one of the first fogs of the season.

The first photo is looking west towards what I normally shoot as a sunset, I feel rather smug to be above the fog line, especially on a cold winter morning 🙂


This photo is looking more easterly, as the sun starts to rise for the day you can see the fog in the valley below.