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The Grinch is Alive

24 Dec

A drive to see the Christmas Lights around the local suburbs made me realise that some people are rather short sighted with their Grinch like behaviour.  There are some households that have gone to the trouble to decorate their houses and front yards with a feast for the eyes.   To all those people I say ‘Thankyou’.

I realise that living next door to a house that is ‘lit up like a christmas tree’ and attracting crowds of people eager to feast their eyes upon a wonderland of Seasons Cheer could get tiring.  Yes, I’m sure that having to suffer through other peoples giving and sharing and happiness can be a real drag if you’re a Grinch.

One street  we ventured down had three houses that had gone to rather special efforts.  As we pulled up in our family packed car it looked like one had thought outside the box and included a ‘water feature’.

Alas, the feature was not as I expected.  it is unfortunate but there is a homeowner who is deserving of a very special award.

They win the Grinch of the Year Award!

They had a sprinkler running on their front lawn that sprayed over their fence, over the nature strip, over the foot path and into the street.  There was a river of water running out of their front yard across the footpath and down the gutter in the street.

To make it even more disheartening, this house was situated between two rather well decorated properties.  So to avoid the water viewers were being forced to walk out onto the road, which normally wouldn’t be an issue on this quiet suburban street, but given the increase in traffic for the viewing public I fear for the safety of some exuberant toddler.

Karma has it’s own rewards, remember that if you are thinking of playing Grinch.

Count Down …

20 Dec

As the count down to ‘The Big Day’ happens the office crew had their final breakfast for the year.

There is something rather decadent about eating a chocolate croissant at 7.30am on a  sunny 17 degree morning.  Note to self, next time take a photo.  Rest assured, there will be a next time!

Grass Seeds are Evil

19 Dec

We have a dog(puppy) that is probably more human than dog.  He ‘sits’ on the lounge.  He ‘sleeps’ in bed with DS – even manages to climb the 6 steps up the ladder into the bed!

Over the years we have learnt the hard way, via two trips to the vet, to keep a rather vigilant eye out for grass seeds.  They have been known to burrow under the skin and even once down the ear canal.  So when puppy crawled into DS lap ‘crying’ he did the only thing a human can do, and gave him  the once over looking for the offending seed.  One paw had darker than usual lick staining, so much attention was  paid, but no seeds could be found.

DD, an animal carer of the future, was called in to run her expert eye over the situation.  No, the paw is clear.  Then she noticed a swollen shut eye!  As she held puppy and opened his eye, there was the merest whisp of brown.  It looked like the tiniest of eyelashes poking out.  With heart in mouth and internal prayer dialogue I grasped the wisp and extracted, much to everyones horror, a complete grass seed.  Oh Poor Puppy.

I am happy to report that all swelling has disappeared and Puppy is back to his usual self.

Perfection is the Enemy of Good.

18 Dec

Or so it seems.  How many people are stunted in their efforts in life because they want to achieve perfection?  Do you not start something because you are hindered by your own desires to get it right first time?  I know I am.

Join me on a journey where we celebrate wandering along the path to perfection.   A journey where we replace  saying ‘Finishing things is Over Rated’ to ‘Finished is Better than Perfect’, while remembering that ‘Perfection can be the Enemy of Good’.