Archive | February, 2015

Colour choices

27 Feb

Working on a new project and trying to decide on contrast colour for collar and cuff



New Project

26 Feb

Today I cast on a new knitting project in a gorgeous tone on tone blue/green.  Tomorrow I’m off to the Bothwell Spin-in.  Probably lots of yarn/fibre type photos tomorrow.


Flowers at Mumsies

25 Feb

Today I got the chance to snap some pics of a couple of the flowers at Mum’s house.  I love flowers and getting in close we see more than when admiring them in the garden.


Laptop Rest

24 Feb

This was one of those moments when you grab a camera and snap.  DS was tweeting along with ‘reality’ tv and the dog was on his lap…….. under the iPad.  As I am never allowed to photograph DS this pic was taken with permission and is special to me.


Storm Rolling In

23 Feb

After a rather warm night that saw the overnight ‘low’ of 20.8 degrees recorded at 10.30pm today scored a high of 31.2 degrees at 10.40am, followed by a thunderstorm at 11.40.  The rumble of thunder had me once again grabbing my camera and hoping for some good shots.  I managed a couple before the rain hit.

The first shot is my attempt with LightRoom


The second is the camera’s ‘dramatic’ filter.


What my eye saw is somewhere in the middle of the two.  I’m sure that spending more than 5 minutes with LightRoom will yield better results.

I Heard Thunder

22 Feb

Today was a steaming hot day for us, over 30 which is just too hot.  As I was cooking dinner I heard thunder.  So dinner was abandoned (much to hungry teenagers angst) and I grabbed the camera hoping  for lightening.  Alas, no lightening, just thunder, and quite an interesting sky.P2220052

I’ve also learned to add a copyright to my photos, thank you LightRoom.  Baby steps, but I’m still stepping.

No Powerlines

21 Feb

Tonight I noticed a couple of visitors in the back yard.  I quietly headed out the front door and peeped around the side of the house.  One cute wallaby.


This was just on sundown so of course the sunset then captured my attention.  Best of all I was able to use lightroom to remove the powerlines.


Water and Ice

20 Feb

The first photo I didn’t take.  It has been taken with our new Tough Camera an Olympus TG-3, bought for snorkelling photos but it’s had it’s first outing at the Antarctic Circle.  Might actually be He Who Suffers first ‘selfie’ taken in earnest.


Meanwhile back in the real world, I read an article today about taking great photos doesn’t depend on the camera you use, that it really comes back to the operator knowing how to take a good photo and knowing how to use post processing to tweak the image to more accurately reflect what your eye saw.  With this in mind I had a play with our landscape westerly view – all binned, got the composition wrong – and a photo of my miniature capsicum.  Mini-capsicum with a crop ‘wins’.  My first crop in Light Room.


Heading South

19 Feb

The day, err night has finally arrived.  After a couple of delays, He Who Suffers is off to the Southern Icy Continent.  Am I jealous?  You bet.  Part of the deal this time is that he had to model his survival kit.  This is the outfit they have to put on while on the plane for landing and take off.  Suffice to say it’s a balmy 18 degrees here at midnight and I was told to hurry up with the photos before he melted.


Water Sparkles

18 Feb

As I drove home today the sun was sparkling off the local farmers dam, it looked so pretty I had to try to capture it.


Later in the day I could hear the wallabies out in the yard so I headed out to try capture them, no luck.  So I took a pic of the above dam from our back deck.