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Days are getting shorter

27 Apr

As the days shorten, the sunsets seem to be getting more intense.


ANZAC Day Dawn Service

25 Apr

ANZAC Day is the day I most often think of my Pop.  I remember how proud he was of me marching as part of HMAS Huon as a musician on the 75th anniversary.  Hard to believe that was 25 years ago, a lot has happened since then.  This year I was incredibly proud of my son who attended the service proudly wearing medals from both his grandfather and great-grandfather.


Back to Sunsets

20 Apr

What more can I say.  We have a great view that provides the opportunity to see some lovely sunsets.


Say No to Factory Freezer Trawlers

19 Apr

Today I went to a protest rally.  I can’t believe our government has allowed this type of vessel to fish our waters.


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

13 Apr

A lovely day in early Autumn and I could hear the kookaburras singing.  It took a while but eventually I found them.  Just as the song says, they were sitting in the old gumtree, merry, merry kings of the bush. I zoomed in with my 300mm lens mounted and the camera sitting on my gorilla pod on the table out the back of the house.  What I see is not one kookaburra but three, although shooting through the gum trees I don’t know if the photos show all three.


I tried cropping in to see better, but looking through the leaves the camera sees what the natural eye filters out, so the shot looks blurry.  Probably is, I’ve since learned a bit more about how to tweak my manual focus a bit better.


Home in Australia

5 Apr

What a view to wake up to.  Pity it’s only for one day.