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In the moment

4 Feb

Tonights sunset had some nice colour, so I headed out for a photo.  I never seem to tire from taking sunset photos.©2017 Cathy Craig

While I was out on the balcony, one of our cats ‘Buttons’ came to investigate.  Of course the moment I started focussing the camera on her, she came towards me.  I feel lucky to have been quick enough to compose this one.

©2017 Cathy Craig

It’s MINE!

26 Jan

My Baby Bear is packing up to head back off to Uni today.  Her cat was not so happy to see his play tunnel folded up and proceeded to pounce on it.  A quick moment photo, no time for getting focus point right, just point and shoot and trust the camera.

©2017 Cathy Craig

On Watch.

18 Jan

Our home is usually a two cat household.  During Uni break our DD has come home and bought her cat with her.  This has created some interesting times around the house.  Velcro is the Matriarch cat, she is also the smallest.  Here she is sitting watching the other two playing hissing games.



12 Jan

One of my cats was sitting looking at me and her Paws just looked so cute.  Surprisingly hard to get a photo.   As soon as she saw me paying any kind of attention to her, she came over for a pat, even though I was across the room and had put on my 75-300mm zoom – thats a 600mm equivalent on a full frame camera.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Trying to take the same shot on my Daughters all black cat proved to be a challenge for the auto focus.  I had to focus on the table she was sitting on and hope for the best.  Interesting colour interpretation by the camera of a black cat.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Never work with …

6 Jan

There’s an old saying – Never work with kids or animals.  On occasions I have been lucky enough to snap some likeable photos of my various pets.  So today I decided my pic of the day would be of my cat Velcro.  She is a much loved Domestic Long Hair that we adopted from the Cat Home 14 years ago.  I discovered that once I wanted to put my cat in a position to photograph she became rather recalcitrant.



However, in the end I think I got a shot worth keeping.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Winter Solstice Frost

22 Jun

The longest night gives the heaviest frost so far this winter.  My cat surveying the frost.


The view is kind of white.  Now quite snow, but we can dream of a dusting.


The sun is starting to melt the ice on the grass.


Playing with macro

14 May

Another day to play with my macro lens.  Trying to work on focus and depth of field.  I like these two shots, it’s not always about being as close to the subject as possible.

P5140045 P5140051


5 Mar

This is my cat Velcro, she is getting on in years now and has made the bean filled feat seat her new bed.  I tried to get her to pose for a photo, but all I got was cat contempt.



1 Feb

A quiet Sunday afternoon at home and the dog alerted us to a visitor.  A quick look in the back yard and I found we had an echidna visiting.  This is a different echidna from last week.  He was happily wandering around and once he got used to the sound of the camera clicking away he ignored me and continued on his way exploring the yard.


One thing I did learn is that echidnas can move rather quickly, especially when they are on a mission.


Look at those feet.


Interestingly, he didn’t seem to want to eat these ants.  They were most unhappy at the intrusion and were climbing all over him, he just seemed to ignore them and continued on his journey.


Finally, Velcro came over to see what I was up to.