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Mountain, Moon, Planet

31 Jan

As we were heading home from our regular Tuesday night quiz I caught a glimpse of the sky doing something interesting.  Unfortunately the photo isn’t amazing, there was a bit too much street light interference but any shot is better than no shot.©2017 Cathy Craig

When I turned around there was a view of the Casino that I had not seen before.  This angle might need some further exploration with my other camera.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Quiz Night

10 Jan

Todays photo topic is Australia’s first legal casino, opened 10 Feb 1973.  It holds a special place in our family history as my father was one of the first croupiers.  I can still remember the strict dress standards from the early days, men had to wear a collar, tie and a jacket.  Dinner there was a once a year ultimate extravagance for us, and not even employees were exempt from the jacket rule, even on a very hot summer night.

Tuesday night is quiz night.  A group of friends gather at the local casino to test our general knowledge against some of the best quiz minds in town.  My how the dress standards have changed.  Jeans and T-shirt is the dress of the day and not a collar or tie was to be seen on this warm summers night.

Bonus item in the shot, a seagull 🙂

©2017 Cathy Craig



City at Night

17 Feb

Tonight I had the chance to photograph a couple of well known local icons.  The first is Wrest Point Casino, Australia’s first legal Casino.


The second is the fountain in Franklin Square, fondly known locally as Franko.  It was a photo opportunity to grab while it’s there as the fountain does not always operate at night.  I was inspired recently by another local photographer who takes magical photos Wilkography.

As I didn’t have a tripod with me I had to improvise by placing my camera on the back of the seats and on the ledge of the water bubbler.  They may not be the perfect exposure or composition but I did manage to get the blurry water effect that I was after by experimenting with 5 – 15 second exposures.


The camera on fully auto grabbed a pretty decent shot for a point and shoot effort too.


We then had some fun with our phone flash lights.


Suffice to say, watch out Franko, we will be back.