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Quiz Night

10 Jan

Todays photo topic is Australia’s first legal casino, opened 10 Feb 1973.  It holds a special place in our family history as my father was one of the first croupiers.  I can still remember the strict dress standards from the early days, men had to wear a collar, tie and a jacket.  Dinner there was a once a year ultimate extravagance for us, and not even employees were exempt from the jacket rule, even on a very hot summer night.

Tuesday night is quiz night.  A group of friends gather at the local casino to test our general knowledge against some of the best quiz minds in town.  My how the dress standards have changed.  Jeans and T-shirt is the dress of the day and not a collar or tie was to be seen on this warm summers night.

Bonus item in the shot, a seagull 🙂

©2017 Cathy Craig



Aurora Australis

8 Oct

Doing the happy dance.  We headed out for a better vantage point to try to take a photo of The Southern Lights.  A quick trip to Park Beach, Dodges Ferry and my first attempt at capturing the lights.  I remember as a kid sitting in the back yard and watching the colours bounce all around the sky.  Tonights show was much more subtle and more like a laser light pointing into the sky at times.  Suffice to say I’m a bit happy with what I caught.  Thanks to #Bom_Tas for the Aurora alert notice.