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Golden Light

16 Jan

Prior to sunset tonight there was plenty of golden light, the view from our deck is always changing.


Light Rays

13 Jan

Tonights sunset doesn’t need many words.


First sunset this year.

4 Jan

This year will probably see quite a few sunsets.  We live on top of a hill facing north with 180 degree views.  So we get to see sunsets move across the skyline as the season changes. We also get lots of gorgeous skies and because we are so far south our sunsets are quite long, plenty of time to grab a camera when the sky lights up in colour.  Tonight was rather tame colour wise, but still a joy to see.


Camera on Hand

10 Jul

The best camera is always the one you have with you, or that’s the saying.  So with that thought in mind as I left work yesterday rather than lament a missed shot, I caught what I could on my iPhone, thinking to myself I really should at least have my camera in the car in future.


I thought I would give the iPhone pano a go.  Not sure I like it, but the captured shot is better than the missed.IMG_1120

EOFY Sunset Celebration

30 Jun

I am having a lot of fun exploring the new panorama setting in LightRoom.  If I see a scene that appeals I just real off some shots confident that I can stitch them together later to portray what my eye saw.



I can see

24 Jun

We had roller shutters installed today.  This means no more blinds blocking my view so I can watch the sunsets from the comfort of the lounge.


Another sunset panorama

19 Jun

I have a view of the sunset that just keeps on giving.  A quick shoot, all handheld right at the tail end of the show.


Lightroom Panorama

15 Jun

Today I had a look at the new Panorama setting in LightRoom.  I’m impressed.  I took a series of shots in March of a very rich sunset from my front door.  It has sat in the too hard basket since then waiting for me to try stitching the shots into a panorama.   Well it’s not too hard anymore.  I do love tutorials that help put together the photo I saw and was trying to capture.

March Sunset

Nearing the winter solstice

12 Jun

The days are getting shorter, the sun sets faster and the colours are rich and vibrant.  This is the positive from the cold.


Richness of a sunset

16 May

Sometimes you just have to sit and watch the sunset and wait to see what nature gives you.  Tonight was one of those nights.