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Mountain, Moon, Planet

31 Jan

As we were heading home from our regular Tuesday night quiz I caught a glimpse of the sky doing something interesting.  Unfortunately the photo isn’t amazing, there was a bit too much street light interference but any shot is better than no shot.©2017 Cathy Craig

When I turned around there was a view of the Casino that I had not seen before.  This angle might need some further exploration with my other camera.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Storm Rolling In

23 Feb

After a rather warm night that saw the overnight ‘low’ of 20.8 degrees recorded at 10.30pm today scored a high of 31.2 degrees at 10.40am, followed by a thunderstorm at 11.40.  The rumble of thunder had me once again grabbing my camera and hoping for some good shots.  I managed a couple before the rain hit.

The first shot is my attempt with LightRoom


The second is the camera’s ‘dramatic’ filter.


What my eye saw is somewhere in the middle of the two.  I’m sure that spending more than 5 minutes with LightRoom will yield better results.

I Heard Thunder

22 Feb

Today was a steaming hot day for us, over 30 which is just too hot.  As I was cooking dinner I heard thunder.  So dinner was abandoned (much to hungry teenagers angst) and I grabbed the camera hoping  for lightening.  Alas, no lightening, just thunder, and quite an interesting sky.P2220052

I’ve also learned to add a copyright to my photos, thank you LightRoom.  Baby steps, but I’m still stepping.