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Adelaide Zoo again

7 Jun

While Baby Bear has to work I spent the morning catching up on ANZ Netball and the afternoon back at the zoo.

This is the first time I’ve seen the hippo out of the water 🙂


My, what big teeth they have, especially for eating grass.


Next door are the otters, they had just been fed so lots of chances for up close shots.


The orangutang were up in their tower today, surveying far and wide.


The zoo is not all about the animals.  There is a wide variety of plants and flowers to see also.  While waiting for the orang-utans to climb out of their tower I had a play with some ‘artistic’ shots.

P6071049 P6071050 P6071260

The bird aviaries are amazing.


This wombat was minding his own business, when child was trying to pat him……. camera at the ready for the carnage but Mum eventually saw the sign “we bite”


This is the life, enjoying the sunshine.


While flicking through the many photos it wasn’t until I saw this on my desktop that I realised this baboon was looking straight down the lens.


Water and Ice

20 Feb

The first photo I didn’t take.  It has been taken with our new Tough Camera an Olympus TG-3, bought for snorkelling photos but it’s had it’s first outing at the Antarctic Circle.  Might actually be He Who Suffers first ‘selfie’ taken in earnest.


Meanwhile back in the real world, I read an article today about taking great photos doesn’t depend on the camera you use, that it really comes back to the operator knowing how to take a good photo and knowing how to use post processing to tweak the image to more accurately reflect what your eye saw.  With this in mind I had a play with our landscape westerly view – all binned, got the composition wrong – and a photo of my miniature capsicum.  Mini-capsicum with a crop ‘wins’.  My first crop in Light Room.