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Lens Shopping

18 Jun

I currently shoot with an Olympus em-10.  It’s a great camera but I yearn for weather sealing, and maybe just that extra bit of stabilisation.   A visit to the local shop this afternoon to look at the latest f2.8 lenses, oh I do like.  I snapped the following while ducking the rain drops – can’t kill my em-10 but it does reinforce my yearning for weather sealing – yes em-5 mk2 I want you!

The 7-14 certainly gives a wide angle of view.  I need to take more notice of what my camera is set to before snapping test shots.


A bit of perspective distortion, I’ll blame me being short.


I did like the results from the pro zoom.  The conditions were awful.  Wet, right on sunset, city, beginner photographer but I still managed to find a bit of colour in this tree.  It’s the tree that is hidden behind the dentists sign in the first photo.


Yeah, five minutes of fun is about all I had but I can dream of the money to be able to own these lenses.