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Day 3 – 25 March

25 Mar

Oh what a night! 3:30am I was jolted awake by the noise of the boat crashing through, off, into waves. The roller coaster ride was fine. A couple of times I braced myself against the wall to stop myself rolling out of bed. But every time I started to doze off we hit another noisy monster wave – that probably wasn’t very big 🙂

Of course this lack of sleep only affected me. Luckily the driver in this team got a full night’s slumber.

As we were unloading we watched the van in front miss opening his van up on the upper mezzanine deck by millimetres. The deck hands were waving and yelling for him to stop but either he could see he was missing or was oblivious.  We suspect oblivious, so pay attention to the staff, they are there to make sure you don’t damage your pride and joy.

Our biggest mishap was getting in the wrong lane at a set of lights. We were being forced into a right turn. So I popped out and asked the car driver beside us to let us go first and pull an illegal lane change in front of him when the lights changed. Poor man, must have thought I was trying to rob him at first. But eventually he rolled down his window.

Our stop tonight was at the Top Park in Braybrook. They were lovely, let us check in early and had a drive-through site, perfect.

Even better, the bus to the city is across the road and Woolworths is next door.

We headed in to the Gallery to see the Escher Exhibition. If you are in Victoria don’t miss it. It was awesome. We spent nearly 3 hours there.

Back at the van dinner was cooked definitely glamping style using my thermomix. I’m sure by the end of this trip I will have my bbq skills much improved.