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Baby Steps

12 Jul

It’s all about learning.  It’s all about trial and error.  It’s all about doing the best you can.

The first step for me was to learn more about my camera.  Yes it works in what I call PHD mode (push here dummy).  Olympus are much nicer and call it iAuto.  I found an informative video on youtube Ralphs Foto-Bude that opened up so many doors, it demystified some of the menu items and explained where to find some of the settings I knew where there but couldn’t find.  This meant that when I attended the Olympus workshop recently I had already played with some of the settings.

Next i’ve been learning to use Lightroom as I might have mentioned once or twice before.  My learning is based on included tutorials and a couple of very generous people with youtube channels.  One is Terry White and the other is Serge Ramelli.  I’m still at the baby step stage.  I’m sure a more experienced eye could look at my efforts and make all sorts of suggestions and recommendations.  For now, I’m proud of my efforts and I will continue with trying to marry the photo shot with what my eye and brain saw, who knows, one day I might be lucky enough to have the camera, my eye and my brain all see the same thing :).  Until then, here is my latest effort with the new dehaze effect in Lightroom.







While after is not yet perfect, looking at it now I would like to lighten the shadow on the foreground car, that falls into the next lesson I suppose.

EOFY Sunset Celebration

30 Jun

I am having a lot of fun exploring the new panorama setting in LightRoom.  If I see a scene that appeals I just real off some shots confident that I can stitch them together later to portray what my eye saw.



Another sunset panorama

19 Jun

I have a view of the sunset that just keeps on giving.  A quick shoot, all handheld right at the tail end of the show.


Lightroom Panorama

15 Jun

Today I had a look at the new Panorama setting in LightRoom.  I’m impressed.  I took a series of shots in March of a very rich sunset from my front door.  It has sat in the too hard basket since then waiting for me to try stitching the shots into a panorama.   Well it’s not too hard anymore.  I do love tutorials that help put together the photo I saw and was trying to capture.

March Sunset