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The Best Camera?

8 Jan

Is the one you have on hand!

A quick trip to the garden nursery today to pick up some food for my Lemon tree and while browsing the seedlings I spotted a Bumble Bee.  He was busy in the Lobelia and at first I was disappointed that I didn’t have my camera.  Pulled out the iPhone and am really pleased with the results.   There was an added difficulty factor that the tray of seedlings was above my eye level, so it was point and hope.  I am particularly impressed with the image that captured blurred wings.

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Calla Lillies

16 Oct

My friend has a courtyard garden attached to her embroidery shop.  Last week I arrived just after a rain shower which was perfect.  The sun came out shining as I was shooting.



Macro Flowers

10 Oct

I spent a bit of time today pottering with my container garden.  Filling pots with colour, planting a few new plants and generally having fun playing in the dirt.  Of course the next step after planting flowers is to take photos of them.




What to find in the wind and rain

21 Jul

Today was meant to be a visit to Disney Land, alas the weather changed our plans.  While others in our party headed to Festival Walk Shopping Mall, I stayed at the Hotel and wandered around the block.

As it was raining it was the ideal opportunity to test the water resistance of my new camera and lens.  It certainly didn’t feel right and I sure did get a few looks, especially from others with camera bags slung across their shoulders.  So far though, all seems well.  Camera and lens both appear to have operated correctly and so far no signs of ‘issues’ – apart from lens fogging initially after leaving the air-conditioned hotel room.

These flowers are growing in a hedge on the corner of a busy road intersection.



Embroidery Shop Courtyard

3 Mar

My friend owns an embroidery shop. A Stitch in Time is a little piece of heaven for stitchers.  One of the things I like the most is the Courtyard Garden out the back of the shop.  It’s sheltered, gets lots of sun but plenty of shade and is a lovely size and always has lots happening.  As I live in a windy spot my ‘garden’ is wild, untended, untamed native.  I stick in a plant and it either lives or (usually) dies, either from wind, neglect or wallaby/rabbit nibbles.  Today I got to snap a couple of flowers in the courtyard.

P3030123 P3030110