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Art Filters

5 Jun

One of the settings that the Olympus camera has is a Dramatic Tone.  Sometimes though it is a little too dramatic.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Dark and Stormy

11 Feb

As the sunset gave a last gasp of colour tonight, there were some interesting clouds rolling in from the North.  Looked like a storm might be on the way, but we didn’t get any rain.

Light Rays

13 Jan

Tonights sunset doesn’t need many words.


I can see

24 Jun

We had roller shutters installed today.  This means no more blinds blocking my view so I can watch the sunsets from the comfort of the lounge.


Clouds rolling in

18 Mar

The clouds were rather interesting tonight.


Full Moon

3 Feb

It’s a full moon tonight, so a great opportunity to try some moon photos.  Of course by the time I got home, and got set up heavy cloud was covering the moon.  Just my luck.  Then I had to wait for He Who Suffers to allow me near his tripod.

First shot, camera all on automatic before the heavy cloud covered the moon.


Then followed many failed shots with me attempting full manual mode.  The light was just too low for the autofocus to have a chance and it wasn’t much better for me.  This is the best shot, as you can see form the car headlights in the bottom right it was a long exposure.


Tomorrow night He Who Suffers heads to the local Hackerspace so I will get full use of his tripod (just don’t tell him)