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Bushfire Season has Started

5 Jan

I was happily pottering around in my garden today, in the middle of potting the gorgeous Kaffir Lime my DS gave me for Christmas.  Only to get a phone call from Hubby who has a paying job but also a very important non-paying job as a volunteer firefighter.  He had received a page for a fire south of us.  Usually this wouldn’t be an alert for us as the prevailing wind is a Westerly, but today it was a Southerly.  Thanks Mother Nature, I love Southerly winds as we are extremely well sheltered from them.

So todays photos are not very exciting, thankfully.  The volunteer brigades did an amazing job and quickly stopped the fire from spreading out of control.

The first photo is the TFS website which we monitor during any incident.  The second is looking over the hill to where the fire is coming from, there is just a touch of colour in the lower left hand side of the cloud.

Early Fire Season

18 Oct

It’s only October and already the resident Fire Fighter has been called to action more than once.  I’m hoping that the rest of the Summer is much quieter.

Water Bomber in action

Water Bomber in action