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Cheese Puffs

23 Jan

Wow, how easy are these to make, and how delicious.  Gotta love cooking.

©2017 Cathy Craig

We are Sailing…..

22 Jan

Today we spent a very pleasant day sailing on the Derwent River.  A friend has a yacht and while it’s usually ‘the boys’ who go and play, today I got an invite.  There were many great moments, so it’s hard to choose just a few for here.

The first was a group of seals that were just floating in the water with one flipper in the air.  They were not at all worried as we sailed past.

©2017 Cathy Craig

One even appeared to roll over and wave at us.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Then as we were heading home we got a close look at the Eye of the Wind.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Towing Lesson

21 Jan

While DD is off touring around Europe and keeping me in grey hair worried about her safety, DS races cars and causes other worries.

Today was a lesson in towing his car to an event.  It also marked the official christening of our new tow vehicle.

©2017 Cathy Craig


20 Jan

Today my Baby Bear arrived home from what I am sure is only the first of her trips to Europe.

©2017 Cathy Craig


19 Jan

These flowers are amazing.  I have a tendency to not have much success with pot plants, usually.  This plant is over 2 years old, and shows no sign of giving up on me.


On Watch.

18 Jan

Our home is usually a two cat household.  During Uni break our DD has come home and bought her cat with her.  This has created some interesting times around the house.  Velcro is the Matriarch cat, she is also the smallest.  Here she is sitting watching the other two playing hissing games.


Mt Wellington

17 Jan

Mt Wellington provides the backdrop for the city of Hobart.  Tonights sunset provided a colour show before our eyes.


Golden Light

16 Jan

Prior to sunset tonight there was plenty of golden light, the view from our deck is always changing.


Colours and Patterns

15 Jan

A girls afternoon shopping for new clothes, at the end of the day I looked at the floor and there was this pile of swatches of all different colours and patterns, it looked better in my eye than the photo shows.


Capturing Colour

14 Jan

Todays experiment is about trying to capture accurate colour reproduction on a new knitting project.

These photos are based on changing two settings on the Olympus OMD em5-2.  One is white balance and the other is picture mode (natural and i-enhance).  The first two are wrong.  Interestingly, the last photo is the closest as far as the pink colour, however, the third photo is the one that appeals to my sense of ‘right’.   So there is more to colour than reproducing an exact representation of real life it seems.