Day 9 – 31 March

31 Mar

Another day dawns grey with showers. Not to be deterred we headed off to find the Blue Lake. Yes it is blue. When the sun peaked out between showers we got a hint of how brilliant the blue is. Unfortunately the true colours are hard to capture in a photograph. Plan B is to return tomorrow or the next as the weather forecast is more promising.

We stopped off in town for lunch. Very nice but on the pricey side for fish and chips and a small pizza.

after lunch we headed across the road to the caves. Unfortunately it was after closing time so we will have to revisit. hard to believe this sinkhole is right in the middle of town.

then we headed over to the Umberton Sinkhole. A visit worth making and a mere 50 steps down into a giant hole in the ground.

The best thing about the Mt Gambier Showgrounds is the hostess Sue-Ann. She is great and encourages everyone to call in at 5pm for happy hour drinks and chat. It’s great to catch up with other travellers, especially as this show ground is limited to 8 campers.

Dinner tonight is a quick bbq with potatoes provided by fellow campers who are working harvesting the spuds locally.

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