Day 4 – 26 March

26 Mar

We are off along The Great Ocean Road.

First stop Bells Beach, the first Bucket List item on this trip.

We continued to meander along the Great Ocean Road, stopping where we fancied and where road works  slowed our journey.  A stop just before Lorne gave us a view of the local surf school in session.


We stopped for lunch just past Lorne and kicked back to enjoy watching the surf and enjoy the serenity.  It really is easy to simply enjoy the view and the sound of the surf.

Eventually the road meandered away from the coast and we headed into the Otway Ranges.  It was here that I saw my first koala in the wild.   As we were driving we saw some cars pulled over and excited people with cameras.  There right by the side of the road in very exposed branches were 4 koalas asleep.  Unfortunately there was no room to stop with a caravan, so it was a fleeting glimpse.

After a long day of travelling, we arrived to check-in to Bimbi Park, Cape Otway at 4.30pm.  This is a lovely bush camp with power and water for $30 a night.  A quick setup and we headed down the road to the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

We arrived too late for entry to the lighthouse, however there is a short, 20 minute walk along the cliff to view the lighthouse from the next headland.

Dinner tonight once again was a thermomix affair.  A hearty Chilli Beef and Beans on a baked spud.  


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