Gone to Seed

3 Jan

In the garden it seems that I have the best success with plants going to seed.  Italian Parsley is the best at this, plant it one week, seeding the next.  At the moment I have some neglected spring onions and leeks.  Neither returned much of a crop that I was able to cook with but both are now producing the most amazing seed pods which gave me the perfect opportunity to bring out the 60mm macro.

I stated out watering my lemon with my camera in hand with the 12-40 pro lens in place.  I wanted a photo to prove that my lemon tree is producing fruit, even if it seems the wallabies are eating it before it ripens.



Then I noticed the leeks have rather attractive seed buds just starting to bloom.  As I was shooting this bug came in to land and stayed long enough for me to get a focussed shot.

©2017 Cathy Craig

Original shot with 12-40 Pro


I’ve been teaching myself LightRoom, I’m not sure what I’m doing and welcome any feedback on this cropped version of the previous photo.

©2017 Cathy Craig



I decided to see what the difference in photo ‘quality’ was using a specific macro lens with my tripod.  This is a different pod that was closer to the ground and easier for me to shoot with my tripod setup.  I have quite a few photos where I varied focal point and depth of field.  Of course half way through my experiments a slight breeze came up.  So my focus bracketing attempts aren’t stacking very well.

©2017 Cathy Craig


This spring onion flower caught my eye and it was interesting to see what effect physically moving the camera gave to the shot.

©2017 Cathy Craig

This is where I was hoping to have some success with focus bracketing, unfortunately the breeze was just there and created too much movement.

©2017 Cathy Craig


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