Save the Reef

25 Jan

Today I went to a Protest Rally.  It was small and probably won’t raise a blip on most people’s radar.


The topic that had me attend a protest rally?   Abbot Point, and the expansion to the port to allow more coal to be exported and the impact this expansion will have on The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, a World Heritage Reserve.

A few years ago there was a documentary on tv about a company and their oil lines.  It was all about how they totally ignored all the rules.  It was about the damage they did to mangroves in a protected area.  It was about the local fisherman and their ruined lives.  It was about ordinary citizen landholders who had their land destroyed with leaking oil pipes and taps built illegally on private land.  It was about corruption and bribery.   As I watched it I was grateful that such a thing would never be allowed in this country.   Now, I’m not so sure.

The question I am asking is why?  Why would our elected representatives fast track environmental approvals?  Why would our elected representatives allow an overseas company, with a track record of not following the rules, enter our country?  Why would our elected representatives use taxpayers money to build infrastructure for the benefit of a multibillion dollar overseas company?

Something is not right.

To quote a famous frog “It’s not easy being green.”


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