River Dreaming

20 Jan

I had the opportunity to spend some quiet alone time today at a local dog beach watching the world go by.  I took the opportunity to try some ‘action’ shots of seagulls flying and dogs romping.  81 shots and I’ve narrowed it down to 4 to share.  These have all been cropped to show the detail.  My attempts at blurred motion action were all a failure, just lucky this is a digital experiment 🙂

First we have a seagull who dropped by to say hello.  Nothing special happening, just a curious bird.


Then all of a sudden out of no where a flock of gulls descended on the water making all sorts of noise.  I couldn’t see what they were so happy about, the tide was heading out and the water depth was about 3 inches.


Next, one of the gulls ‘in action’.  It’s actually quite difficult to zoom in on a flying bird.


I don’t know who the dogs belonged to, but they were having a wow of a time.  No fighting over the ball, no barking or growling at each other, just pure joy at running in the water. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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